EDGE – Gratitude in the Workplace

EDGE, “Empowering Diversity Growth & Equality in Leadership.” Edge is a group focused on engaging staff in conversations around leadership, inclusive work practices and diverse perspectives. By meeting every month and consciously focusing attention on broader issues in the industry and the world, EDGE helps identify gaps in perspective and leadership to identify shortcomings and solves for them.

For the month of December, EDGE built off of October’s theme of “Leading with Empathy” and focused specifically on “Gratitude in the Workplace”. Since it was the holiday season, a time where expressing gratitude comes more naturally, we felt it was a good theme to discuss for the end of 2020.

We explored the importance of gratitude in the workplace, highlighting benefits such as the cultivation of a better working environment, the building of trust, a higher degree of job satisfaction, and an overall boost of good feelings.

We noted, however, that many managers actually avoid giving praise. The possible reasons for this reluctance may include that for many managers, giving feedback is hard, so they tend to avoid it altogether. Some may view it as a sign of weakness; some may consider positive feedback more optional than mandatory; and sometimes the moment simply passes.

We poised the question to the group, “Can’t I just say thanks?”. Many agreed that, while saying “thank you” is a great start, if you’re looking to make a meaningful impact, consider a personalized approach that is viewed as valuable to the recipient. We discussed a few ways that we can extend gratitude with our peers but then noted that not everyone is the same.

We dove deeper into the concept of gratitude by reviewing the contents of the book “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organization by Encouraging People” by Gary Chapman & Paul White (2018). The book applies the “love language” concept to the workplace, recognizing that at work, people express and receive appreciation in different ways. As a result, if individuals try to express gratitude in ways that aren’t meaningful to their coworkers, the coworkers may not feel valued at all.

As part of this session, we focused on four of the Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Tangible GiftsQuality TimeWords of Affirmation, and Acts of Service.  While some people may thrive by receiving praise in front of others, it may make others uncomfortable. Similarly, some people, whose language of appreciation is Acts of Service, would prefer the approach of “Don’t tell me you care; show me”. Upon diving into each of these Languages of Appreciation, we encouraged participants to take a minute and answer two questions:

1. How do you usually express appreciation in the workplace?

2. What is your language of appreciation?

To no surprise, participants had a wide variety of answers. Armed with this new perspective of gratitude, we concluded the session by discussing a few points on immediate, actionable items that each employee can do to actively share gratitude. These included things like starting at the top (hearing “thank you” from your boss goes a long way), thanking the unsung heroes, providing many opportunities for gratitude, and, in the wake of crisis (or a pandemic), taking the time for Thanksgiving.

Introducing Match Retail

Match Marketing Group Launches Public Label and Match Retail, Two North American Agencies Built for the Future of Marketing and Retail

New Agencies Offer Integrated Creative Marketing and Retail Expertise, Respectively, Servicing Clients across North America, Driving Growth and Building a Creative Culture

North American consumer engagement agency Match Marketing Group announced today the launch of two new agencies – Public Label and Match Retail – in a reimagination of how the group will continue to offer high impact creative solutions for clients in today’s evolving marketplace.

The announcement follows an extensive overhaul and modernization of the agency’s unique expertise, offerings and go-to-marketing approaches. Match Marketing Group will remain the organizational unit that will oversee the two new agencies, which will operate independently.

Public Label is a North American independent creative marketing agency. Built upon Match Marketing’s legacy of success in integrated, experiential, shopper and digital marketing, Public Label raises the bar with its investment in talent from all corners of the industry, and with an enhanced offering that combines creative and strategy with data and technology to solve complex business challenges. There is also a renewed focus on understanding the connection between audience motivations and cultural movements to unlock opportunities that matter most to brands. Public Label describes this approach as “using intelligence and creativity to hack cultures.”

“Over the past year we have shifted the way we bring brands to market – connecting brands, cultures, and understanding audience motivations to drive growth,” said Brian Cohen, CEO of Match Marketing Group. “With Public Label, we have invested heavily to create a new mindset of mastering the nuances of human behavior by ‘hacking’ popular cultures, and by understanding what motivates those audiences to take action.”

“Over the past year we have shifted the way we bring brands to market – connecting brands, cultures, and understanding audience motivations to drive growth,” said Brian Cohen, CEO of Match Marketing Group. “With Public Label, we have invested heavily to create a new mindset of mastering the nuances of human behavior by ‘hacking’ popular cultures, and by understanding what motivates those audiences to take action.”

The new approach has already led to success for existing clients including Progressive, Adidas, Fujifilm, Mars Wrigley, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, OZO and the recently relaunched Ford Bronco.  

Eric Moncaleano, who was appointed ECD earlier this year, will oversee creative for Public Label. 

“We are thrilled to finally introduce Public Label to the world,” said Moncaleano. “We are made up of thinkers, dreamers and doers who are passionate about creating work that shifts perspective and inspires positive action. Our integrated, idea-led approach is already having an impact – resulting in more meaningful insights for our clients, and fostering a more unified, collaborative, creative culture internally.”

Public Label’s leadership team includes: Eric Moncaleano, ECD; Brian Kittelson, EVP Brand Strategy & Commercialization; Anne Dean, SVP, Marketing Solutions; and Gary Westgate, VP, Creative.

Match Retail emerges in a move that solidifies its reputation as a leading sales, merchandising and branded retail agency for major brands across North America. Match Retail’s expanded capabilities include an increased investment in upfront associate training and data and analytical assessments to further differentiate its offerings in the marketplace.

The agency, which helps brands get “retail ready” and drive conversion in traditional shopping environments, has been operating for over 12 years. Current clients include LG, Rogers Communications, TELUS, Nespresso, Danone and L’Oreal, among others. For Rogers and TELUS, Match created a national wireless kiosk business called WOW! Mobile Boutique that operates within shopping malls across Canada. Match Retail currently runs 83 locations and manages end-to-end retail including kiosk management, sales and productivity, marketing and merchandising, supply chain, HR, operations, training and development.

Match Retail’s leadership team will be co-led by Vanessa Schnekenburger, Managing Director; and Greg Quick, Managing Director.

“Match Marketing has been designing and executing retail-driven services for more than a decade,” said Schnekenburger. “With our proven track record and potential for growth, it made sense to organize and invest in a much larger way. By doing so, we’ve given Match Retail a focused investment strategy that gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace while also providing our teams the opportunity to step into the spotlight and get the recognition for the amazing work they do.”

Since being acquired by private equity firm Southfield Capital in 2018, Match Marketing Group named new leadership in 2019 with the appointment of Cohen as CEO who was tasked with creating a new vision to grow the agency, building a strong and engaging culture to attract the best talent, and delivering innovative marketing solutions for clients.

As part of this new organizational design, the agencies are streamlining operations between two hubs: Boulder, Colorado and Toronto, Canada. Public Label will be based in Boulder and Toronto, while Match Retail will remain in Toronto where its retail operations have been based.

Match Retail Launches to Employees

December 2, 2020 we kicked off our new beginnings as Match Retail internally with our staff. With much anticipated excitement, passion and support shared collectively in our vision for the future. We undoubted have the best of the best people in our agency and know this launch has brought us all to a collective place to drive growth and success with our clients.