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It’s L’Oréal. Flawless is the name of the game.

People Matter

When you’ve been working with a brand for more than 12 years, their expectations become pretty high. Thankfully, our merchandising team is the best.

Making the brand look good

The Spring Reline initiative is critical for L’Oréal. It’s when they introduce new products to the market for consumers to purchase, making it the final piece of an overall launch campaign. It’s a big deal. During this period, we deploy hundreds of reps to perform 6,786 relines in 6 weeks.

The reason L’Oréal keeps coming back to us is simple. It’s because we understand the importance of our role in delivering flawless execution, and speed to market, every single time.


case study

Match Retail has been the Field Sales Force for LG’s Mobile Communications, Home Appliance, and Home Electronics product categories for over 4 years. By leveraging our multi-practice strategic platform and expertise, we deliver a unified strategy driven by data and insights. This ensures LG wins at retail.

Field Sales Solution

By focusing on high-impact store visits, in-depth training sessions, hands-on assisted selling, and fostering long-lasting relationships with their stores, all field sales representatives across each business unit have been able to deliver on robust KPI targets. Each team member also focuses on leveraging the “Connected Smart Home” approach with consumers and associates to help support growth across all business units.

LG needed detailed go-to-market training programs for sales assist reps to help support peak sales periods, as well as new product launches. This is a sweet spot for us. We made our primary goal offsetting the expanding presence of in-store competitor sales reps that might cause LG to lose out on share of market and floor, while growing sales to support business objectives.

Assisted Sales

Match Retail has executed several sales assist programs for LG at Best Buy over the past few years. Our experienced sales specialists have become an extension of the Best Buy teams, representing LG to engage consumers, drive conversion, drive sales, and educate new and tenured associates. Through a unified approach with the Field Sales Force, we have been able to deliver outstanding results with unit sales growth, consistently showing a measurable positive impact in stores where we have a specialist, versus stores where we do not.


WOW Mobile

When there isn’t a store, we’ll build 83

Creating a New Box

Empower the consumer to choose a wireless solution that was right for them through customer engagement, needs-based selling and offering personalized, unbiased advice. That was the job in front of us. This meant dismantling some of the industry’s standard business practices and creating our own retailer to get it done.

A Clear communication

In 2013, Rogers Communications and TELUS tasked us with creating a national customer centric wireless kiosk business. As advocates for a better customer journey, we accepted the challenge.

Today, Match Retail runs all 83 end-to-end retail locations, including kiosk management, sales and productivity, marketing, merchandising, supply chain, human resources, operations, training, development, and all the other intricate parts of a retail organization. It’s called WOW! Mobile Boutique™.

With a dedicated home office team of 30 strong, WOW! Mobile is equipped to growing the business, optimizing productivity and labor, and enhancing the reputation of our clients – one experience at a time.


case study

When Danone was looking for a national execution in all major national retailers across Canada, they thought of us.


Match deployed a national team of more than 100 merchandisers for Danone in all major national retailers in Canada. We focused on more than 20 banners for 1,900 visits per month. Our team performed planogram maintenance, distribution control, display compliance, and installed POS. They were the eyes and ears at retail to collect valuable intel about in-store challenges, and reported back to the Danone account teams – driving insights to boost business results.

On-Site when you can’t be

With less and less retail store employees, clients cannot rely on retail staff alone to execute everything mandated by each brand. Danone recognized the importance of having representation dedicated to their objectives in-store, pulling out stock from the back room, checking pricing/tags, developing relationships with the stores, and staying top-of-mind. This ultimately drove the opportunity for over and above display space or distribution gains.

To say we’re passionate about merchandising is a pretty big understatement. We live and breathe it.

Mars Petcare

case study

Getting a paw up on conversions. When Mars Petcare was looking to connect with pet owners the Match Retail Field Sales Team was brought in to support.

Pet Food Is A Big Deal

It’s not something that can be done on a whim. So, when MARS Petcare was looking for a one-stop shop field team help conversions to their premium natural food brands, they came to us.

Connecting With Consumers

Match Retail manages a field sales team on behalf of Mars Petcare to connect with pet parents and promote education and conversions to their premium natural food/treat brands. By focusing on strong, research-based nutritional training, our team members can dig into the unique needs of each pet. Then, we pair them up with the right formula to help them thrive and live a healthier life. Customers come into these stores looking for a second opinion after speaking with their veterinarians to ensure they select the best product for their loved ones. And our nutrition experts help to deliver.

We’ve continued to help Mars grow their natural category sales year-over-year since beginning the partnership in 2015.


Case Study

Nespresso has partnered with Match over the years to develop programs to increase household penetration. We work hand in hand bringing the gratifying experience of The Perfect Cup of Coffee to life in retail-experiential hybrid programs deployed all across Canada.

Pouring our heart out

Our expertise in hiring profiled candidates, training on driving sales and overall program management allows us to manage more than 450 field employees all the way through logistics and point of sale.

In a multi-year roadshow custom built for Costco, our trained field team brewed and poured more than 266,000 coffee samples.

Increasing Sales

Our full-service management of the Nespresso experience has earned incremental sales in a retailer where Nespresso is not listed year-round, putting consumers face to face with Nespresso’s commitment to quality.

Nespresso has partnered with Match over the years to develop programs to increase household penetration. We work hand in hand bringing the gratifying experience of The Perfect Cup of Coffee to life in retail-experiential hybrid programs deployed all across Canada.