Case Study

Match Retail has been the Field Sales Force for LG’s Mobile Communications, Home Appliance, and Home Electronics product categories for over 4 years. By leveraging our multi-practice strategic platform and expertise, we deliver a unified strategy driven by data and insights. This ensures LG wins at retail.

Field Sales Solution

By focusing on high-impact store visits, in-depth training sessions, hands-on assisted selling, and fostering long-lasting relationships with their stores, all field sales representatives across each business unit have been able to deliver on robust KPI targets. Each team member also focuses on leveraging the “Connected Smart Home” approach with consumers and associates to help support growth across all business units.

LG needed detailed go-to-market training programs for sales assist reps to help support peak sales periods, as well as new product launches. This is a sweet spot for us. We made our primary goal offsetting the expanding presence of in-store competitor sales reps that might cause LG to lose out on share of market and floor, while growing sales to support business objectives.

Assisted Sales

Match Retail has executed several sales assist programs for LG at Best Buy over the past few years. Our experienced sales specialists have become an extension of the Best Buy teams, representing LG to engage consumers, drive conversion, drive sales, and educate new and tenured associates. Through a unified approach with the Field Sales Force, we have been able to deliver outstanding results with unit sales growth, consistently showing a measurable positive impact in stores where we have a specialist, versus stores where we do not.


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