Case Study

When there isn't a store, we'll build 83

Creating a New Box

Empower the consumer to choose a wireless solution that was right for them through customer engagement, needs-based selling and offering personalized, unbiased advice. That was the job in front of us. This meant dismantling some of the industry’s standard business practices and creating our own retailer to get it done.

A Clear communication

In 2013, Rogers Communications and TELUS tasked us with creating a national customer centric wireless kiosk business. As advocates for a better customer journey, we accepted the challenge.

Today, Match Retail runs all 83 end-to-end retail locations, including kiosk management, sales and productivity, marketing, merchandising, supply chain, human resources, operations, training, development, and all the other intricate parts of a retail organization. It’s called WOW! Mobile Boutique™.

With a dedicated home office team of 30 strong, WOW! Mobile is equipped to growing the business, optimizing productivity and labor, and enhancing the reputation of our clients – one experience at a time.

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