EDGE – Healthy, Wealthy Money Conversations

EDGE’s theme for Q2 was ‘Getting Personal’, with June focusing on our employees’ wellbeing on the personal finance management front.

We wrapped up the quarter with a workshop led by Jenn Uhen of the Pledgettes, where she, as our “financial mentor,” did a fantastic job of guiding us through “healthy, wealthy money conversations.”

The session began with Jenn talking about… an onion (!) and how this otherwise mundane vegetable is an apt analogy for the topic at hand; money conversations have many layers and it takes time and diligence to peel back each one. The illustration helped frame the rest of the workshop as we delved into the different “top layers” of Money Talks 101. Jenn then presented her top tips on establishing a “safe place” to talk about money and asked great conversation starter questions that helped us jump into enriching money talks with our peers. First, from lunch money shenanigans to allowance rules, we all had the chance to reminisce on our earliest memories of dealing with money and how they shaped our ideas and perceptions of it.

We are also thankful for our very own Doug Fischer, who poignantly shared his own financial experiences and learnings gained when he had to help manage the estate of a parent who passed away. Within our groups, we continued to share and discuss our current financial goals and what retirement would look like for each. The latter helped open the subject of retirement savings programs made available through our company and the unique benefits of leveraging these financial tools.

As we move into Q3’s theme of Career Development, we are looking forward to continued conversations with our peers as we learn more about money, personal finance, and wealth building in future Money Talks with Jenn Uhen in September. Stay tuned for further details!

The EDGE Team

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