EDGE – Personal Branding

EDGE wrapped up the Q1 theme ‘Change’ and entered into Q2 focusing on employees and their wellbeing. Our theme for Q2 is ‘Getting Personal’.

EDGE introduced the theme in April through a cohort discussion on Personal Branding. We wanted employees to recognize themselves and define their brand. Some interesting discussion points were.

  • Identifying your mission statement?
  • Visual representation of your brand? (e.g., logos, websites, typeface)
  • List of offerings?
  • The tone of your brand?
  • Your tagline?

EDGE wrapped up April with a presentation on Personal Branding. The goal was for employees to recognize each other’s strengths and focus on those rather than wasting time on the things each person may not succeed in. The presentation opened up with some icebreakers that allowed for employees to share stories or their past, views on personal beliefs, and the things they are most passionate about. We then asked each employee to share stories about what made them awkward as a kid. The goal of this exercise was to show each employee that the things that made them awkward as a kid are the things that now separate them from the rest.

In another exercise, we asked employees to interview their colleagues to understand what an ideal work environment would look like for them. They were asked to provide an example of a time they worked on a project with different teams successfully and what made it a successful project. We wanted them to identify the behaviors that would make such an environment an everyday thing for them. Through this exercise, we were able to identify each other’s strengths, values that define us and know our colleagues better.

At the end of the session, each employee walked away with their brand house and a greater understanding of their peers. We see so many materialistic brands every day that we often forget to give our own brand a thought. It is time you identify your uniqueness and celebrate it just like we did at EDGE!

The EDGE Team

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