Meet The Team: Patrick Digby

Our “Meet the Team” series introduces you to members of the Match team and gives insight to what it means to be a part of such an incredible culture at MatchMG.

This week we caught up with Patrick Digby.

“I love that Match is a company clearly focused on the value of collaboration.”

What do you do at Match Retail?
I am a District Manager supporting our outstanding field team with WOW! mobile. I work with them in delivering our brand promise of Personalized, Unbiased Advice to customers as we continue to work towards our goal of being the #1 Wireless Retailer in Canada!

What do you like the most about working at Match Retail?
Ever since I had the first opportunity to contribute ideas and feedback to the company, as a Store Manager, it has never once fallen on deaf ears. Over the years we have evolved in countless ways, each time progressing to become more efficient and effective as a retailer. I’ve been with Match for 5 1/2 years and I’m extremely proud of how far we’ve come and the future ahead.

Tips for anyone looking to get into your line of work?
Stay Focused, Stay Disciplined and never go a day without seeking to learn something new. Seek out a mentor and ask a ton of questions – the only “stupid question” is the one you do not ask.

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