EDGE – Your Career Pathing Guide

As a part of EDGE’s Q3 thematic of BREAKING BARRIERS, we focused on career pathing. For this interactive session we engaged the team at Human Advantage to help us find the right blend of doing what we love while achieving our professional goals.

The session kicked off with each attendee identifying their top core values, which we then leveraged to draft our own personal development plans. During this exercise we each identified our big goals, which micro goals needed to happen first, what obstacles could get in our way, how we can set ourselves up for success in reaching these goals and who we can turn to for support. We were challenged to revisit our development plan every 6 months to evaluate and adjust accordingly.

We wrapped up with an exercise on creating our own career journey during which time we asked ourselves where we want to be in two years, what qualities have gotten us to where we are today and what we each need to do to get to the next level.

The EDGE Team

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