EDGE – Getting Personal

As we start slowly peeling off the coping methods that were developed during the dumpster fire that was last year, we start to re-prioritize. Many of us found that 2020, while not the year we planned gave time to contemplate what our priorities truly were. We decided to source our own produce and build beautiful gardens in our backyards. We opted to spend our money on helping others in need whether that was the BLM movement or essential workers who were our everyday heroes in times of uncertainty. We made business decisions out of fear because there was no light in sight, no path to follow. We decided our time was better spent learning to bake and cook with our families and close friends rather than rushing to our local watering hole for happy hour. We learned that you could run through the entire library in Netflix and people who house giant cats are some of the most fascinating people in pop-culture. We shifted, we changed, we grew, and we coped. Now it’s time to take what we learned and dust off some of the bad habits that may have come with it and figure out what’s important now.

The next couple months EDGE will be allowing space for vulnerable moments in hopes of assisting in personal growth. We will start the quarter with a lesson on personal branding. Helping employees and ourselves learn a little more about allowing our authentic self to come through. We will ask employees to find their “why” in hopes of creating better colleague relationships, allow for better self-advocacy, push further towards our passions and create a space where individuality is nurtured and desired. Understanding how to market oneself will ultimately help us to be better marketers for our clients.

From personal branding we will then push ourselves by discussing mental health. A topic that in recent years has become highly prioritized and politicized. Mental health is something that Match Retail asks their employees to think about regularly. Our leaders push us to take a step away, get outside, take an extended lunch or a day off to re-group and come back ready to create. We will share some thoughts from industry leaders and our own staff during a monthly session in May.

The last part of our quarter will dive into personal finance. One of those topics that people seem to get a little smaller in their chairs during. We dipped our toes into this last year with a guest speaker from the Pledgettes, a local group leading the charge in personal growth in numerous ways. We will be bringing back a guest speaker to talk a little more in depth about how we spend our money, how we should be talking about it and how we can better think about it.

It’s going to be a great quarter with a lot of opportunity to grow and we could not be more excited.



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