Match Retail Joins Meet The People In New Business Venture

Ushering in a new beginning, Meet The People led by Tim Ringel, Natatlie Alberta Dusey and Tom Armbruster has launched with Match Retail. In addition to Match, Public Label and VSA Partners joined the fold with the initiative to put agencies in the position to succeed individually, together under one integrated platform.

CEO of Meet The People, Tim developed this with the idea of pushing for an organization that puts people first rather than stockholders. Expanding their vision for future agencies that share their entrepreneurial-mindset. 

“We’re building this from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs,” said Ringel. “It’s for people who have the vision that the market needs a people-centric organization.”

Innovatus Capital Partners, which provides $150 million in funding to Meet The People, has hired 350 employees for the startup. The company anticipates revenues of $50 to $60 million this year and plans to double them every year for the next two years by employing 3,000 people. 

Realizing the ever-changing landscape of the corporate world, Tim knows he needs to offer people the flexibility on where they can work. Giving anyone, anywhere the tools to triumph in their role.

“Work has changed for people,” Ringel said. “People want to work from everywhere, be hired anywhere and move depending on their needs. We’re going to enable them to do that.”

At Match, Director of People & Culture Michael Cioffi, appreciates a recent milestone and is ecstatic for what this means for Match moving forward. 

“Having recently been recognized as a Great Place to Work® in Canada, I am excited to share our best practices and culture initiatives to serve our larger community,” Cioffi added. “Our mission of being a people-centric organization is magnified immensely by this evolution.”

The impending growth speaks to how Match approaches its people and business ventures. Our recent announcements of a training and development program for our client partners were a direct result of new business wins and expanded capabilities. 

“The growth is exciting our people, and it will be felt by our clients. This is truly an example of how we move differently and harness human energy to drive effective change,” said Cioffi.

This is an exciting time for the company with tremendous growth on the horizon with the ability to learn and prosper in tandem with Meet The People. Moving forward, we are in this together.

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